Cleaning Concepts Plus

Clearing Construction Sites of Dirt, Dust, and Debris

Cleaning Concepts Plus is trusted for swift and seamless post-construction cleaning procedures. We complete assignments with speed and efficiency, all thanks to a complete line of site cleaning equipment and gear.

Cleaning Concepts Plus

Punctual Service

We arrive on time to complete each task swiftly and within your preferred timeline. Rest easy knowing we accomplish thorough jobs, so you can enjoy a clean and debris-free space that will be ready for usage once we’re done.

Cleaning Concepts Plus

Our Process

We remove all materials and contaminants left behind after construction. Our team will clear your property the following:

  • Dust

  • Grime

  • Interior Trash

  • Loose and Tiny Debris

  • Paint Splatters

  • Particulate Matter

All temporary labels and protections that do not need to be kept will also be removed. Surfaces and fixtures inside and outside of your property will be scraped and cleaned. This includes everything from windows, to sliding glass doors, and much more.

Schedule a Site Clearing Service

If you’re in need of post-construction cleaning services in the Birmingham and Atlanta Metropolitan Areas, reach out to us today.