Cleaning Concepts Plus

Full-Service Floor Cleaning and Maintenance for Your Needs

Keep your floors in pristine condition with the help of Cleaning Concepts Plus. We employ the services of experts who are trusted for maintaining even the most delicate flooring in properties across the Birmingham and Atlanta Metropolitan Areas.

Cleaning Concepts Plus

Comprehensive Scrubbing

It can be difficult to determine the ideal time to wax or strip floors in both low and high-traffic areas. That is why it may be helpful to simply remove all grime and grease across the whole floor area.

A complete floor cleaning regimen is also beneficial in increasing both the longevity and durability of the wax or finish of your floors. Using a surfactant or cleaning agent with a scrubbing tool is best for this process.

Cleaning Concepts Plus

Residual Wax Stripping

This procedure entails the removal of all dirt, debris, old wax layers, and other deposits. Completing this process will help us ensure we can apply a smooth new coat of wax with ease.

Cleaning Concepts Plus

Application of New Wax Coat

Once we have stripped both dirt and previous wax coatings from your floors, we need to reapply a fresh new layer of wax to seal and protect your flooring. Our experts are trained to make sure this process is done efficiently, ensuring a great finish for your floors.

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